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World Conferences on Research Integrity

3rd World Conference on Research Integrity, Montreal 2013

The 3rd World Conference on Research Integrity addressed the current state of worldwide progress on research integrity, new challenges and emerging topics, and shaped national and international responses.

Upholding principles

With a seeming increase in the number of high-profile cases of research misconduct, there is a need for promoting and upholding the principles for the responsible conduct of research. At the 3rd World Conference on Research Integrity, convened in Montréal in 2013, vital issues relating to ethics and behavior in research environments were discussed at length.

Diverse delegates

The Montréal Conference, like the previous conferences, attracted a diverse group of delegates and speakers, including government and institutional leaders, policy makers, journal editors, officials of research funding agencies, scientists and other researchers, students and postdoctoral fellows, representatives of academic societies and academies, and those responsible for compliance and regulation, as well asresearchers engaged in empirical research on topics related to research integrity.

Montréal Statement

An outcome of the conference was the Montréal Statement that offered guidance on integrity in cross-national, cross-disciplinary, and cross-sector research. Conference attendees commented on a draft Montreal Statement and developed a finalized Statement that is available on this website.