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World Conferences on Research Integrity

7th World Conference on Research Integrity, Cape Town 2022

The 7th World Conference on Research Integrity engaged researchers, institutional leaders, national and international policymakers, funders and journals in the task of fostering research integrity in an unequal world.

Conference theme

The overarching theme of the 7th WCRI was 'Fostering Research Integrity in an Unequal World.'

Conference sub-themes

Conference subthemes included current global research integrity discussion areas such as:

  • Research Integrity as a driver of research excellence and public trust
  • Ethical best practice in authorship, publication and the use of research metrics
  • Best practice in detection, investigation, and responding to research misconduct

An additional emerging subtheme included was:

  • Ensuring research integrity in the context of the 4th Industrial Revolution (the convergence of the physical, biological, and digital world)

As this conference was held in Africa for the first time, some additional subthemes particularly relevant to many African and Low and Middle Income (LMIC) Countries are included:

  • Colonial legacies and research integrity: moving forward by building equity into research
  • Counteracting plagiarism in multicultural and multilingual contexts
  • Institutionalising Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) education and training, including curriculum development and implementation in low resource settings