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default WCRI2010 Allison LERNER Research Integrity Challenges NSF OIG’S Perspective ( pdf, 3.22 MB ) (214 downloads)
default WCRI2010 Ames DHAI Preventing Research Misconduct Some Programs in Africa ( pdf, 986 KB ) (189 downloads)
default WCRI2010 Ana MARUSIC Systematic review of research on authorship across scientific disciplines ( pdf, 443 KB ) (190 downloads)
default WCRI2010 Anthony MULLINGS International Training in Human Subjects Research The Caribbean Experience ( pdf, 500 KB ) (210 downloads)
default WCRI2010 Ashima ANAND Society for Scientific Values A Movement to Promote Ethics ( pdf, 44 KB ) (211 downloads)
default WCRI2010 Ben MARTIN How Editors and Universities Need to Work Together to Prevent Misconduct ( pdf, 3.08 MB ) (217 downloads)
default WCRI2010 Bernd PULVERER Research Integrity @ Biological Science Journals ( pdf, 4.89 MB ) (203 downloads)
default WCRI2010 Bob MATHEWS The Role of Awareness Raising, Education and Codes of Conduct in the Dual Use Research Environment ( pdf )
default WCRI2010 Boris YUDIN Some Thoughts on Research Integrity ( pdf, 38 KB ) (216 downloads)
default WCRI2010 Bruce MCKELLAR Use of Case Studies in Training Students ( pdf, 178 KB ) (199 downloads)
default WCRI2010 Carlos NOBRE Lessons of the 'Amazongate' to the IPCC Process ( pdf, 9.06 MB ) (215 downloads)
default WCRI2010 Carthage SMITH Freedom, responsibility and Research Integrity ( pdf, 65 KB ) (226 downloads)
default WCRI2010 Catherine QUINN A Sponsor’s View ( pdf, 617 KB ) (215 downloads)
default WCRI2010 Christine BOESZ Developing Research Integrity Structures Nationally & Internationally ( pdf, 98 KB ) (200 downloads)
default WCRI2010 Daham i ALANI Research Integrity Saudi Views and Practices ( pdf, 538 KB ) (223 downloads)
default WCRI2010 Dan DAVIS Codes of Conduct as Tools for Fostering Responsibility in Dual Use Research ( pdf, 276 KB ) (178 downloads)
default WCRI2010 Daniel DENECKE An Institutional Approach to Embedding Research Integrity in Graduate Education The US Project for Scholarly Integrity ( pdf )
default WCRI2010 Daniel VASGIRD Online RCR Training and the Use of Case Study Videos ( pdf, 352 KB ) (196 downloads)
default WCRI2010 Daniele FANELLI The Black, the Whiite and the Gray Areas Towards and International and Interdisciplinary Definition of Scientific Misconduct ( pdf )
default WCRI2010 David BABINGTON SMITH Delivering Online Ethics Training in the UK and Ireland Using Enhanced Multi media (Video, Simulations) Online Training ( pdf )
default WCRI2010 David FRANZ The Role of Leadership and Culture within the Laboratory ( pdf, 1.62 MB ) (214 downloads)
default WCRI2010 David MOHER The EQUATOR Network a global initiative to improve the quality of reporting research ( pdf, 708 KB ) (199 downloads)
default WCRI2010 Douglas ARNOLD Integrity Under Attack Challenges and responses in the math research community ( pdf, 2.68 MB ) (196 downloads)
default WCRI2010 Eero VUORIO How to revise National Research Integrity Guidelines in the Changing International Landscape ( pdf )
default WCRI2010 Elizabeth HEITMAN Research with Dual Use Potential in RCR Education Is There a Role for Codes ( pdf, 31 KB ) (183 downloads)
default WCRI2010 Elizabeth WAGER International standards best practices for authors ( pdf, 83 KB ) (212 downloads)
default WCRI2010 Elizabeth WAGER Promoting integrity in research reporting developing universal standards and promoting best practice among journals ( pdf )
default WCRI2010 Emilio BOSSI Challenges encountered by the Swiss Academies of Arts and Sciences when introducing concepts for promoting scientific integrity ( pdf )
default WCRI2010 Eng Hin LEE Research Integrity Challenges A Singapore Perspective ( pdf, 13.36 MB ) (249 downloads)
default WCRI2010 Frank WELLS A Way Forward A report from the European Forum for Good Clinical Practice ( pdf, 91 KB ) (191 downloads)

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