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World Conferences on Research Integrity

1st World Conference on Research Integrity, Lisbon 2007

Press clippings and news releases related to the 1st World Conference on Research Integrity are available.

ESF News Releases

Education on research conduct could yield negative result, Integrity conference told, 20 September 2007.

Scientist recalls how stem cell case exemplifies research integrity, 18 September 2007.

Potočnik, 52 countries’ representatives ponder research integrity in Lisbon, 18 September 2007.

Experts deconstruct research misconduct from global and Institutional perspectives, 18 September 2007.

Press cuttings

The First World Conference on Research Integrity (Professional Ethics Report - Fall 2007)

default WCRI2007 Nick STENECK Professional Ethics Report Fall 2007 (201 KB)

Seeking an International Dialogue on Research Integrity (Cell, Volume 131, p. 9-11 - 5 October 2007 - Christie Aschwanden)

pdf WCRI2007 Christie ASCHWANDEN Seeking an International Dialogue (56 KB)

Research Integrity under the spotlight (Cordis News - 19 September 2007)

Research Integrity - Collaboration and Research needed (The Lancet, Volume 370, Number 9596, p. 1403-1404 - 20 October 2007 - Comment - Erik von Elm)

Science Journal - Most Science Studies Appear to be Tainted by Sloppy Analysis (The Wall Street Journal Online - 14 September 2007, p. B1 - Robert Lee Hotz)