Paulo Beirão

  • Function:
    Planning Committee
  • Organisation:
    Brazilian National Council for Scientific and Technological Development
  • Location:


Paulo Beirão, PhD, was Chair of the Commission on Research Integrity at CNPq (2011-2013).

Full story

Paulo Beirão, PhD, Full Professor at the Biochemistry and Immunology Department, UFMG. He was president of the Brazilian Society for Biophysics (1994-1996) and the Brazilian Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (2006-2008). He was also president of the Board of Trustees of FAPEMIG (2010-2011) and has acted as a representative of the scientific community in various committees on education, science and technology, including those at CNPq. He was a member of FINEP Advisory Council and of the committee that developed the 2011-2020 Brazilian National Plan for Graduate Studies, launched by CAPES. He is a member of the Brazilian Academy of Sciences and former director of the Agricultural, Biological, and Health Sciences Division of CNPq (2011-2013). He was Chair of the Commission on Research Integrity at CNPq (2011-2013) and is currently the director of Director of Science, Technology and Innovation of Minas Gerais Foundation for Research Support.

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