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pdf WCRI2017 Sergio LITEWKA Conclusions inter american encounter on scientific honesty ( pdf, 1.02 MB ) (677 downloads) Popular
pdf WCRI2017 Sivakumar ARUNACHALEM The persuit of research integrity An evaluation ( pdf, 1.33 MB ) (608 downloads) Popular
pdf WCRI2017 Skip GARNER Introduction to research integrity and the law; Finding potential grant double dippers ( pdf )
pdf WCRI2017 Stephan LEWANDOWSKY Being open but not naked; balancing transparancy with resilience in science ( pdf, 1021 KB ) (546 downloads) Popular
pdf WCRI2017 Susan O'BRIEN When things go wrong; A systematic approach to determining the integrity of multiple publications ( pdf )
pdf WCRI2017 Susan ZIMMERMAN Promoting responsible conduct of research in Canada ( pdf, 317 KB ) (554 downloads) Popular
pdf WCRI2017 Sven HENDRIX Both whistle blowers and the scientists they accuse deserve protection ( pdf, 841 KB ) (570 downloads) Popular
pdf WCRI2017 Takehito KAMATA The development of research culture in Japanese public science; Academic responses to policy reforms ( pdf )
pdf WCRI2017 Thomas STECKLER Consorted approaches to facilitate data quality, robustness and relevance in preclinical research and development ( pdf )
pdf WCRI2017 Tom LAVRIJSSEN Monitoring good research practices in discorvery labs ( pdf, 854 KB ) (524 downloads) Popular
pdf WCRI2017 Tom VAN DE CASTEELE Connecting statisticians and scientists; Statistical awareness training as a key tool to ensure research integrity ( pdf )
default WCRI2017 Tony PEATFIELD Shaping tomorrows research integrity; Policies and processes in European research funding organisations and research performing organisations ( pdf )
default WCRI2017 Trisha PHILLIPS America competes at 5 years Analysis of RCR training plans ( pdf, 388 KB ) (555 downloads) Popular
default WCRI2017 Trisha PHILLIPS Research Integrity and professional codes of ethics; A qualitive comparison across social sciences ( pdf )
pdf WCRI2017 Trisha PHILLIPS Transparency and accountability in internationally sponsored political science research ( pdf )
pdf WCRI2017 V GICHURU Enhancing the research culture at strathmore university amongst PHD faculty members ( pdf, 990 KB ) (635 downloads) Popular
pdf WCRI2017 Virginia BARBOUR How could editors think differently about the complexities of research and publishing ethics ( pdf )
pdf WCRI2017 Virginia BARBOUR View from the perspective of COPE's guidance on retractions ( pdf, 495 KB ) (530 downloads) Popular
pdf WCRI2017 Yasuhiro IYE Promotion of sound research activities JSPSs approach ( pdf, 1.25 MB ) (623 downloads) Popular
pdf WCRI2017 Zoe HAMMATT Accountability and transparency for research integrity via country report cards ( pdf, 1006 KB ) (581 downloads) Popular
pdf WCRI2017 Zubin MASTER Safeguarding the biomedical research environment; Ethical responsibilities of research instituations and funders ( pdf )
pdf WCRI2017 Zubin MASTER The perceptions of researchers working in multidisciplinary teams on authorship and publication ethics ( pdf )