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The Steneck-Mayer Lecture is named after Nick Steneck and Tony Mayer, the founders of the World Conferences on Research Integrity. 

The World Conferences began when Nick Steneck, then working as a consultant to the U.S. Office of Research Integrity, had the idea to convene an international conference. When seeking support and funding for such a conference, he met with officials in Europe, who consistently recommended he approach the European Science Foundation for support. ESF Executive Director, Bertil Anderson, enthusiastically embraced the idea and appointed Tony Mayer, then the Chef de Cabinet and Head of Strategy at the ESF, as Co-chair of the effort . It was the beginning of a productive collaboration and deep friendship between the two.

Nick Steneck

Nick Steneck

Tony Mayer

Tony Mayer

The 2007 World Conference in Lisbon, Portugal was imprinted with Steneck and Mayer's principles for organizing a conference on research integrity, including: taking a broad perspective on research integrity instead of a narrow focus on scientific misconduct; emphasizing discussion, exchange of ideas, and useful outcomes; involving people from many countries; and including representatives from organizations spanning the research process – universities, research institutes, government agencies, funders, publishers and so on.

One of the outcomes of the Lisbon Conference was the decision to have another meeting, which gave rise to the current, continuing series of conferences. Thanks to Steneck and Mayer's hard work, persistence, and unwavering commitment, the World Conferences have become the premier global event on research integrity.

The lecture

The lecture should focus on one or more important issues that affect researchers, research institutions, and/or the research system at large. It is intended to be an original, insightful, creative and inspiring contribution to the Conference.

Selection procedure

  • Each member of the Governing Board of the World Conferences on Research Integrity Foundation (WCRIF) may nominate a candidate by submitting a proposal that summarizes the nominee's qualifications and proposed focus of the lecture. Proposals should be submitted at least six months prior to the Conference.
  • A candidate must:
    • have expertise relevant to research, education or policy making with respect to fostering responsible conduct of research or the prevention or handling of research misconduct;
    • have made a substantial, specific contribution in addressing relevant issues at the levels of researchers, research institutions, and/or the research system at large; and
    • be willing and able to present the Lecture during the World Conference at issue.
  • Members of the WCRIF Governing Board are not eligible as candidates.
  • Cost for travel and accommodation will be on the Conference budget.
  • The WCRIF Governing Board decides who will be invited to present the Steneck-Mayer Lecture.



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