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World Conferences on Research Integrity

Anderson-Kleinert Diversity Award

The Anderson-Kleinert Diversity Award honors Melissa S. Anderson and Sabine Kleinert, who were committed to the World Conferences on Research Integrity from the start.

Together they co-chaired the 3rd (Montréal) and 4th (Rio de Janeiro) Conferences, and Sabine Kleinert co-chaired the 7th (Cape Town). They also served on the inaugural Governing Board of the WCRI Foundation. Under their direction, the World Conferences were opened to broader participation, particularly by people from countries not previously represented. They initiated submission of proposals for research presentations, added symposia as alternatives to research sessions, broadened the scope of focus tracks, initiated the doctoral forum for review of PhD students' research, set up poster and preconference sessions, expanded the system of travel grants, and added more than a full day of activities to the conference format.

Melissa S. Anderson

Melissa S. Anderson

Sabine Kleinert

Sabine Kleinert

Highlights oral presentations

The Anderson-Kleinert Diversity Award highlights oral presentations that represent and enhance diversity of voice, ideas, or experience. These awards are intended to recognize:

  • people from countries, research sectors, communities or other groups not often represented at the World Conferences;
  • creative ideas and new ways of promoting research integrity;
  • or experience with research integrity issues in contexts that call for novel approaches or perspectives.

For each World Conference on Research Integrity, up to three presentations are selected for the Anderson-Kleinert Diversity Award on the basis of abstracts accepted for oral presentation submitted through the regular abstract-submission process. Each Diversity Award presentation is so indicated in the conference program, and awardees are recognized during the award ceremony. Diversity Award presentations are not clustered together in one conference session but distributed to appropriate slots in the program. There is no application process for this award, and awardees are chosen and notified after their abstract is accepted for presentation.

Selection procedure

With diversity of voice, ideas, or experience as key criteria, reviewers of abstracts for oral presentations may nominate up to three abstracts for consideration for the award. Melissa S. Anderson and Sabine Kleinert, or their designees, review the nominated abstracts and select the winners. The World Conference co-chairs may jointly nominate additional abstracts for consideration. Each Diversity Award is subject to approval by the WCRIF Governing Board. Drs. Anderson and Kleinert and their designees may appoint a successor if they wish to resign from their role.



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