Call for bids for 7th WCRI (2021)



The World Conferences on Research Integrity offer a unique opportunity for countries, institutions, organizations and individual scientists to focus international attention on research integrity and the responsible conduct of research in their area of the world. The conferences provide a way for hosting countries and institutions to highlight efforts to promote research integrity in their region.

Past conferences have been held in Lisbon, Portugal (2007), Singapore (2010), Montréal, Canada (2013) and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (2015), Amsterdam, Netherlands (2017), and Hong Kong (upcoming 2019).  Preference will be given to bids for the 2021 conference from regions of the world other than the site of the previous conference. 

Hosting organizations are responsible for local arrangements (conference site, hotel, banquet and other meals, conference website and registration, etc.), for raising funds to support the conference and for the joint planning of the conference program. The World Conference on Research Integrity Foundation will nominate the Conference Chair or Co-Chairs. The Chair of the local organizing committee works in collaboration with the Chair or Co-chairs of the conference to plan the programme, invite speakers and otherwise plan the conference.



Each of the following submissions should be addressed to the Governing Board of the World Conference on Research Integrity Foundation and sent by email to Lex Bouter at


1)  Letters of intent are due on December 1, 2018.  Letters should specify the hosting institution(s) and contact information (name, title, email address, phone numbers, mailing address) for the principal contact(s) at each institution.

 2)  Preliminary bids are due on March 1, 2019.  Preliminary bids should include the following: 

  • verification or updates on the hosting institution(s) and principal contact(s), as presented in the letter of intent;
  • a description of the proposed conference venue;
  • a description of conference accommodations;
  • information on travel options for conference attendees; and
  • information on funding sources that will be approached for support for the conference. 

The members of the Executive Committee of the Governing Board of the World Conference on Research Integrity Foundation will review the preliminary bids and then work with the leading sites as they develop full bids. 

3)  Full bids are due on May 1, 2019.  Full bids should address all of the points listed below.  The full proposals for the 5th and 6th WCRI are available as examples, upon request;  interested parties should contact Lex Bouter. 

The members of the Executive Committee of the Governing Board of the World Conference on Research Integrity Foundation will review the full bids.  Two or three members of each proposing team will be invited to present their bid during the WCRIF Governing Board meeting on the Saturday preceding the 6th WCRI in Hong Kong (June 1, 2019).  The decision on the next conference location will be made by the Governing Board on that same Saturday and will be announced during the conference dinner.

Date of Conference: May or June 2021

Conference format: The conference begins with pre-conference activities on Sunday and an opening session followed by informal reception on Sunday evening. The conference ends on Wednesday late afternoon. The schedule for past conferences is used as a general pattern for subsequent conferences.

Anticipated attendance: 500-800

Venue: Facilities should include space for: 

  • plenary sessions (seating 800)
  • concurrent sessions (6-7 rooms per session, each seating between 50 and 250)
  • poster displays (accommodating 150 posters)
  • opening reception, lunches, coffee breaks

Host institutions are expected to provide conference management, audio-visual equipment and support, communication including adequate WiFi connectivity, and contact deadlines. 

Hotel accommodation: Accommodations for 500-750 participants at different price levels. Include information on: 

  • availability of rooms
  • hotel amenities
  • distance to the conference venue
  • price ranges
  • banquet facilities
  • contract deadlines for hotels and banquet facilities

 Local features: Include information on: 

  • airlines and local transportation
  • likely weather conditions
  • local attractions
  • competing events at the planned time. 

Conference planning organization: Include information on any organizations and services that will help to plan the conference, including experience and fees.

Local Committee members: Include names, background and contact information of people who have agreed to serve as members of the Local Committee (approximately 4-6 people). The chair of the Local Committee will serve as the primary local contact for the conference, and the chair and one other member will serve on the Program Committee.

Proposed budget: 

The budget must include all anticipated expenses and provide a realistic assessment of the funding already obtained or expected, with letters of commitment as available. All of the following entries should be considered when drafting the budget.


  • Hotel facilities
  • Conference planning agency fee
  • Opening reception
  • 3 buffet lunches
  • 6 coffee breaks
  • Banquet
  • Banquet venue
  • Banquet transportation
  • Music, lighting, decorations at banquet
  • Audio-visual at banquet
  • Website development
  • On-site computer facilities
  • Marketing
  • Conference packets, bags and name tags
  • Materials and supplies
  • Audio-visual rental and support, including video-recording of plenary sessions
  • Equipment rental
  • WiFi access in conference centre
  • Photographer
  • Meeting of the Steering and Programme Committees one year before the conference
  • Registration waivers, hotel accommodation and travel support for Programme and Steering Committees
  • Registration waivers, hotel accommodation and travel support for plenary keynote speakers
  • Registration waivers and travel support for 25 active participants from less privileged countries
  • Comprehensive conference insurance (unless the hosting organisation provides evidence that it will and can bear the risk)
  • Other expenses related to the conference
  • Other expenses unique to conference site (e.g., transportation)
  • Contingency fund of 20% of entire budget


  • Bids need to include firm expressions of intent by sponsors for a total of at least US$100,000.
  • Contributions from organizations in the host country (letters of support when available)
  • Contributions from previous conference supporters (letters of support when available)
  • Contributions from new conference supporters (letters of support when available)
  • Include paid registrations from 500 participants at approximately US$700 each