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Lex Bouter

Lex BouterLex Bouter is professor of Methodology and Integrity in Amsterdam. Before that he held a chair in Epidemiology and was rector of his university. He served on many boards and committees and was vice-chair and methodologist of the Dutch Central Committee on Research involving Human Subjects. Lex Bouter is currently involved in teaching and research regarding responsible conduct of research, questionable research practices and research misconduct. Lex Bouter authored about 700 publications contained in Web of Science, which have been cited more than 42,000 times. He has supervised 74 PhD students, of whom to date 14 were appointed as professor.


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Fenneke Blom

Portret FBlomIn 2011 Fenneke Blom received her Master of Science degree in Health and Life sciences, with specialisations in epidemiology, policy analysis and communication. She successfully defended her PhD thesis in May 2015 and started working as the coordinator of the Netherlands Research Integrity Network (NRIN) in November 2014. As a member of the Student Council of the VU University Fenneke emphasised the need for more RCR education, which she now implements as well.

NRIN website

Hanneke de Haes

Hanneke de HaesHanneke de Haes worked as a psychologist in oncology in Academic hospitals in Rotterdam, Leiden and Amsterdam. She graduated at Leiden University (1988) and became full professor and chair in the Department of Medical of Psychology in the University of Amsterdam Academic Medical Centre in 1995. Her research on quality of life, (cost-) effectiveness of medical interventions, medical decision making, and medical communication is presented in over 250 peer reviewed papers. She was chair of committee developing the first medical faculty research code in the Netherlands. She now serves as scientific integrity counsellor at the Academic Medical Centre in Amsterdam and the University of Amsterdam.


Tamarinde Haven

TamarindeTamarinde Haven is a PhD student at the VU/VUmc. She has a background in psychology at the University of Groningen and philosophy at the University of Edinburgh. Her PhD research concerns Research Integrity and is part of the “The Epistemic Responsibilities of the University” project. The aim of the project is to analyze, ground and understand the determinants of research integrity and designing effective ways to foster responsible conduct of research by performing surveys, focus group interviews and interventions.

Martin van Hees

Martin van HeesMartin van Hees (1964) is Professor of Ethics and Head of the Department of Philosophy at VU University Amsterdam. He works on theories of freedom, the analysis of moral responsibility and quality of life assessments. The research has a strong interdisciplinary focus and he has published in leading journals in philosophy, economics and political science. He is a member of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW) and of the Permanent Working Group on Science and Ethics of the European Federation of Academies of Sciences and Humanities (ALLEA).

Erik van de Linde

Foto Erik van de LindeErik van de Linde is head of the policy department of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences. He has been secretary of a number of recent Advisory Reports of the Academy on research integrity and trust in science. He holds organizational responsibility for the Netherlands office of research integrity.

KNAW integrity webpage

Barend van der Meulen

BvanderMeulenProf. dr. Barend van der Meulen is Head of Research at the Rathenau Instituut, The Hague, and professor Evidence for Science Policy at Leiden University. He has over 25 year experience in science policy, and research on the dynamics of science and science policy, and on the policy instruments used for science policy. Recent research includes projects on the Future of Universities, academic careers and research funding. Currently he is researching the interaction between science policy and science as a profession. He is chair of the scientific integrity committee of Wageningen University Research Centre.

Gerben ter Riet

GtR2014pic Gerben ter RietGerben ter Riet is an MD-clinical epidemiologist with a keen interest in research integrity. He is principal investigator at the University Hospital of the University of Amsterdam. His main interests are transparent reporting and linguistic hedging, P-value bashing, reproducibility, publication bias in animal research, and better monitoring of research proposals on their path to publication. He co-authored the Dutch research program on Fostering Responsible Research Practices (ZonMw 2015). Gerben lives with his partner and children Reinier (2001) and Simone (2004). He loves his family, his work, tennis, sailing, travelling and reading.

Academic Medical Center Amsterdam

Jelte Wicherts

Jelte WichertsJelte M. Wicherts (1976) obtained his PhD in Psychological Methods (2007, Cum Laude) from the University of Amsterdam, and is currently an associate professor in methodology and statistics at the Tilburg School of Social and Behavioral Sciences at Tilburg University. His research focuses on issues related to errors with statistics, publication bias, scientific integrity, questionable research practices, scientific misconduct, data sharing, and replicability. He has (co)authored 75+ papers in various (top) journals, obtained major research grants like a VIDI grant from the Netherlands Organization for Research (NWO), and is an affiliate member of the Meta-Research Innovation Center at Stanford (METRICS).

Tilburg University

Maurice Zeegers

pasfoto2Maurice Zeegers is the director of the CAPHRI School for Public Health and Primary Care at Maastricht University Medical Center+. He is full professor of Complex Genetics and Epidemiology and head of the department of Complex Genetics where he and his team perform their scientific studies, within CAPHRI but also within the NUTRIM School of Nutrition and Translational Research in Metabolism. His main interest is in Epidemiology, Analytics, Forensic Epidemiology, Research Integrity, Nutrition, Genetics and Meta-analyses. Maurice has published over 200 scientific papers.

Irene van Baardwijk

ireneIrene is a Professional Conference Organizer (PCO) at VU University Medical Center with +10 years of experience in organizing conferences, symposia and courses. As project manager she is detail-oriented on budgets, planning and execution of the event. Her experience is mainly with international conferences from 150 up to 1000 delegates. The largest conference she organized was in 2014 with 2700 delegates and 65 sponsors.



Joeri Tijdink

Joeri TijdinkJoeri Tijdink is currently working as a psychiatrist at VU Medical Center (VUmc) in Amsterdam and holds a postdoc position at the VU University. He is currently finishing his PhD at VUmc, Amsterdam entitled ‘Publish and Perish: Research on research and researchers’ that aims to uncover the major pitfalls in contemporary publication practices with a focus on the role of individual factors experienced by biomedical scientists (burnout symptomatology, publication pressure and personality traits). Within this area Dr Tijdink has undertaken several research projects that try to uncover the major causes of research misbehavior. His special interest focusses on the role of publication pressure in contemporary publication culture and to what extent personality traits can be a risk factor for research misbehavior. Furthermore he tries to determine how the emotional states of scientists (and medical doctors) can influence scientific practices and undermine medical decision making. He is also the co-founders and editor of the Dutch platform for young psychiatrists (dejongepsychiater.nl, @jongepsychiater) that focuses on translation of psychiatric research into clinical practice.


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